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5 Reasons to Buy Custom Teeth Devices Online

5 Reasons to Buy Custom Teeth Devices Online

Is the fear of exorbitant dental bills is keeping you from visiting your dentist? You’d be delighted to know that you can get some quality dental work done without having to visit the dental office. You can now order excellent quality custom teeth devices—affordable partial dentures, teeth whitening trays, night guards, retainers, etc.—online.

It is obvious to have some concerns about buying your dental devices online but when you weigh the pros against the cons, the advantages are evident.

Below are the top 5 reasons to buy custom teeth devices online:

  1. Cost Benefit: You can make massive savings by ordering your custom teeth devices online. The cost of Hawley retainers, sports mouthpieces, flipper teeth, partial dentures or soft and hard night guards is 50%-70% lower when ordered directly from the lab as compared to their prices in a typical dental office.
    This is because when you order online, you make your own dental impressions, and completely leave out all the expenses associated with dental appointments.
  1. No Waiting in the queue: By ordering your teeth devices online you can bypass the hassle of first making a dental appointment according to the dentist’s availability and then having to wait for your turn.
    Planning your trip to the dental clinic can be a time-consuming process, and it is not required when you can order simple dental devices from the comfort of your home.
  1. No guarantees: Imagine after several trips to the dentist’s office, you return satisfied with a flexible partial denture before embarking on a beach holiday the next day. You spend a nice three days at the resort and return home to realize you’ve left your precious plastic teeth back in the fancy bathroom of the beach resort—never to be seen again!
    Dental devices can set you back by thousands of dollars and lose or breaking them could burden you with even more financial strain. You cannot go back to the dentist asking for a replacement.
    However, if you’ve ordered your custom dental device from a dental lab and it meets with the same dreadful fate, you may contact them again and even request a small discount.
    If they have the model of your teeth from the previous order, they might even agree to use that and save you a lot of time and money.
  1. Direct from the lab: Your dentist does not make your dentures or night guards—he only makes the impression and sends it to a dental lab for fabrication of the device.
    Now you can make your own impressions and send them directly to the same dental lab, eliminating the dentist’s role and saving a ton of money.5 Reasons to Buy Custom Teeth Devices Online
  1. Easy procedure: Most people, who have ordered their dentures, retainers and other devices online, find the procedure to be quite simple.
    You place the order online, receive your set of impression trays and material, ship the impressions back, and receive your required devices within 10-12 days—all from the comfort of your living room.

Ordering your dental devices online is an easy and affordable way to restore or fix your smile, and with such high satisfaction rates, this might actually become the preferred way for many people.


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