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Is Your Dentist Very Costly? 5 Ways to Save Dentist Fee

According to a 2016 research by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, fewer than 12 percent of Americans have dental insurance in old age and most of those who do not have insurance avoid visiting the dentist.

Whether they need extensive treatment or just want to buy simple devices such as invisible retainers or dental whitening trays, people postpone it for weeks and months because even a single dental visit can upset their budget. If you can identify with the apprehension of visiting your costly dentist, here are some ways you can save on dental costs.

5 Ways to Save Dentist Fee


5 Ways to save dentist’s fee

  1. Order online: Did you know that now it is possible to order simple dental devices online and save thousands on dental costs? By skipping the dental office visit, making your own dental impressions, and ordering direct from the dental laboratory, you can get quality dental devices at your doorstep at a fraction of the price your dentist would normally charge.
Whether you are buying flipper teeth, partial dentures, or making your first online retainer order, there is going to be some anxiety about the process. So it is advisable you read the reviews and carefully follow the instructions. Most people who order online are extremely satisfied by the quality of the products.
  1. Ask for a discount: Some dentists have special offers for patients who do not have insurance. You can check at different clinics and negotiate the price with the one you choose. Also, the chances of getting a dental discount are higher if you have to undergo a major (expensive) dental procedure, or can take a friend along for treatment.
  2. Consider getting treated at a dental school: Look towards your local dental school, where you can probably get some basic treatments at a subsidized cost. You will be treated by dental students, but that should not be a concern because all treatments are performed under the supervision of licensed dentists. You may need multiple visits though, and may even have to wait longer than you do at a regular dental clinic.
  3. Check out a daily deal site: In a bid to increase their business and extend their services to more people, even dentists offer discount deals on websites like Groupon and Living Social. You might find the service you need at a highly discounted price.
  4. Get dental insurance: Dental insurance could be an expensive purchase but given your dental needs, it might be worth the cost. If you browse around, you might find an affordable plan that allows you to get basic dental care without becoming a big financial load.


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