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Invisible Retainers | Hawley Retainers | Flippers Teeth

The most versatile of all retainers utilized in our apply is that the invisible retainer , usually termed “invisibles. You have been fitted with associate invisible retainer, that has the simplest look, comfort, and holding power of any retainer accessible.


The invisible retainer may be used for 3 purposes: minor tooth movement, semi permanent retention, and as a transmutation retainer.

WHEN TO WEAR YOUR RETAINER: within the starting, wear your retainer for 2 weeks all the time, except once intake and brushing. once fortnight, wear the retainer in the dead of night solely. don’t skip nights. If you miss an evening or 2, wear the retainer full time. The teeth could also be somewhat sore, however ought to align.

Wearing your Invisible Retainers properly is your guarantee that your lovely smile can stay unchanged with time. victimization the Invisible is straightforward. The necessary issue to recollect is that your teeth can stay well positioned providing you wear your retainers systematically. If not, they’ll move.Invisible Retainers | Hawley Retainers | Flippers Teeth

Clear retainers are like plastic tooth gloves, fitting over your teeth absolutely. the kind of Clear retainers that we have a tendency to use is evident. The invisible retainer is formed of a stiff material and holds the teeth in position terribly powerfully. But, it’s going to be worn down by your bite, and should need to get replaced once a handful of years.

  1. The appliance should be worn the least bit times except once intake and whereas brushing your teeth. don’t wear the retainer whereas swimming or enjoying basketball, football, hockey or the other contact sports.
  2. you may need to wear the retainer full time for a minimum of one month. attempt to not become discouraged, within the 1st few days your speaking can improve and you may suits them.
  3. Eventually, this routine are going to be altered and also the retainer could also be ignored for such periods of your time. The doctor can inform you of this transformation at a check-up appointment.
  4. If there’s prolonged irritation of the gums, lips, cheeks or tongue, create no plan to change the retainer yourself, phone for associate emergency appointment.
  5. Invisible retainers can last around 2-3 years or slightly longer. If you tend to grind your teeth in the dead of night expect the retainer to wear out sooner. it’s your responsibility to exchange your retainer if it deteriorates. It may be done at your dentist’s workplace or here as an extra expense.


  1. Once the retainer isn’t in your mouth it should be within the plastic instrumentality provided. this may defend it from being lost. never keep your retainer in your pocket or a wrapped tissue.
  2. Your retainer is sensitive to extreme temperatures. never leave it in an exceedingly hot automobile or a chilly automobile and don’t boil it to make clean it.
  3. Keep your retainer out of reach from dogs and cats – they like to eat them.
  4. Brush your retainer once you brush your teeth (which ought to mean each meal). you’ll use your regular toothbrush and dentifrice to try and do this or dip your toothbrush in gargle. Failure to brush your retainer can lead to a nasty build up

5.The responsibility for keeping your teeth in position currently rests utterly with you. Not sporting your retainer may be a call to let your teeth move. you need to be constant in your determination to not let that happen.

Be sure to allow us to understand if something happens to your Essix or teeth that keeps you from victimization it. while not the invisible retainer your teeth can move.

One of the benefits of Custom Teeth Whitening Trays and clear retainers is that little changes may be created within the position of a couple of selected teeth. as a result of teeth are affected into a brand new position on the dental solid before the retainer is formed, the retainers usually don’t work well once at the start delivered. typically biting on the retainers for a couple of minutes permits them to seat into place; but, it’s going to take as long as twenty four hours for the appliance to seat properly. this is often notably true if teeth have affected since treatment was finished.

Aside from sporting and handling them properly, the retainers need very little attention. it’s necessary to stop the retainers from drying utterly, therefore you ought to store your retainers in water, tiny plastic instrumentality with an air-tight lid. you need to clean them together with your toothbrush and dentifrice every night before you move to sleep, and once more once you rouse within the morning.

Our goal is to stay your teeth well aligned, and that we are continually accessible to assist you. Please decision the workplace if you’ve got any queries or issues. 


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