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Custom-fitted Invisible Retainers Buy Online

We provide custom-fitted dental products to direct to the public. You can order and get your desired teeth devices without leaving your home. You just need to order your required custom-fitted teeth appliances.Invisible Retainers Buy Online
You might be having below questions in your mind:-
Still there is a need to Dentist visit?
Nope. Order from where you are and rest we will do all.
How & where I will take my teeth impressions and teeth devices?
1) When you make an order for your desired teeth device (e.g. invisible retainers) then we will ship to you teeth impressions kit including all the instructions. The price of teeth impressions kit is included in our price so you will get it FREE.

2) You take the teeth impressions as per including guideline document.  If still, you have any doubt or questions then our experienced dental lab technical expert will guide you through over to the phone.

3) Ship your taken teeth impressions back to our dental lab in the Pre-Paid-Envelope. Get 3-way FREE SHIPPING
4) We will prepare your custom-fitted teeth device according to your teeth impressions and then send back to you with all the instructions and guidelines. 
5) This whole process takes 10-12 business days. So in this whole process, there is no need to fix the appointment with Dentist & No need to the dentist visit. So here you save your valuable time and spend this time with your family and other important work.
Most Important is: - You save Up to 70% money & that's why we are selling these custom fitted teeth products online.

Result: Save TIME & Up to 70% MONEY  & get quality-based desired teeth devices without leaving your home. This is the power of the Technology and Internet.

Visit our website to know how much do retainers cost 
If you have any questions or query, write us at teeth@customteethdevices.com 
Happy Teething!


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