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Custom Teeth Whitening Trays | Invisible Retainers

We are a Dental Lab in the United States & works with dentists to provide Custom Teeth Devices for patients, their friends, and families who are in need these custom-fitted devices and are not able to afford a Dentist visit & Dentist Fee.

Teeth-whitening tray

In the dental industry, a dentist takes an impression of the patient's teeth and sends the impressions to a dental laboratory where the teeth devices are made.Then teeth device is sent back to the dentist and they give the device to their patient.

You can buy dental products online from our website  & DIY at home. Some of the products are Clear Retainers also knows as Invisible Retainers or Essix retainer, Hawley retainers also known as acrylic retainers or wire retainers. Visit our website CustomTeethDevices.com for more information and dental products.

Our team is made up of Nationally Board Certified Technicians who have been manufacturing teeth devices for over 40 years.

It is not always easy for the patients to make it to a dental office or afford a dental appointment to get their teeth impressions. We have created a way for those patients to take their own impressions from home and send them directly to the dental lab.

We offer simple Custom Teeth Devises that very little or no adjustments are required.It is also much safer to have Custom Teeth Devises made from your teeth impressions than it is to buy a one size fits all boiling type from the Dentist or Dental store.

There are many different websites that sell dental appliance on the Internet but they do not have them made by the same dental labs that the dentists use.

We only use the Dental laboratories that meet all of the FDA regulations. We also advise our customers to allow their dentists to monitor them after they receive one of our teeth devices. When you receive your teeth device you will also receive the name address and phone number of one of our affiliated dentists if there is one in your area.

We are able to save you both time and money by offering these Custom Teeth Devices online without leaving home or office. We strongly believe that visiting our website will be really helpful to you, your family and friends.

We're Here to help you! If you Have any Questions before Ordering, Call us at 866-327-3088 (EXT. 23) or email us at teeth@customteethdevices.com

Happy Teething!!


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