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Clear Retainers vs Wire Retainers

If you are finally ready to get rid of your braces and the many problems they brought along, you must know that the next step is dental retainers, which must be worn to keep your teeth in their new place. This is when most people start to weigh the advantages of clear retainers vs. wire retainers.

Invisible Retainers | Clear Retainers

The invisible retainer is created of a transparent plastic thus others don’t seem to be able to tell that you are carrying/wearing something. This retainer retains the present position of your teeth and does not move the teeth.

Invisible Retainers | Hawley Retainers | Flippers Teeth

The most versatile of all retainers utilized in our apply is that the invisible retainer , usually termed “invisibles. You have been fitted with associate invisible retainer, that has the simplest look, comfort, and holding power of any retainer accessible.