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Tips to Buy Temporary Dentures Online

Temporary dentures, also known as dental flippers and flexible partial dentures are interim dental devices made to fill in the spaces left by natural teeth when they are removed. You do not have to spend long hours and big bucks at the dentist’s office as you can now buy flexible partial dentures and dental flippers online.

Tips to buy temporary dentures online

About temporary dentures:

Temporary dentures are made of acrylic and they are made to resemble your teeth. They will help maintain the esthetics of your smile even after some of your teeth are removed.

Your natural teeth have a tendency of tipping into the empty spaces left by other teeth that have been extracted and temporary dentures help prevent that. They also help maintain the vertical height of your face that gets compromised as you begin to lose teeth.

However, dental flippers are only provisional dentures which will not function as the more permanent solutions and are meant to be removed while eating. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to get a simple device made by the dentist, you can now directly order it online and get it delivered straight from the dental lab. Follow the below tips to safely buy temporary dentures online.

1. Research and explore the options

There are several providers and dental labs that allow you to order your temporary dentures online and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Find a reliable provider by carefully studying the transparency of the process, the given costs, details of materials used for the device and their commitment to client satisfaction.

2. Ask for reviews and testimonials from previous clients

Any decent provider will publish their customers’ opinions about their product. Check for good reviews and look for the bad ones even more meticulously.  If someone has been disappointed with their service, you must find out why.

3. Compare prices

Cost savings are perhaps the biggest draw for clients looking to order their dental flippers directly from a lab.  Even amongst the online providers, the prices difference ranges from a few to hundreds of dollars. Do not just fall for the cheapest option. Remember you don’t want a cheap product but are looking for the one that provides the best value for your money.

4. Ask questions

If your provider is not available to answer your questions about the product like flexible partial dentures switch to another one.

5. Place the order

Once you are satisfied with all the details, order your dental flippers online and wait for the arrival of the first package.

6. Carefully follow the steps

There are a few steps in the making of dental flippers that you will have to perform on your own. The process is not intimidating and you can confidently make your own dental impressions if you carefully follow the given set of instructions. Reach back to the provider if you still have any doubts.

By ordering your temporary dentures online, not only will you be able to make significant savings but also save time by avoiding several appointments at your dentist’s office.


Jul 22, 2020 • Posted by Amy

I have lost my dentures. Is it possible to get a immediate set right away

Hello Patty,

Yes, we can make a Partial Denture for you.

Below is the link to the partial dentures page to proceed with your order:

The price would be $333.75 after applying an ongoing COVID-19 discount. You would get a 25% discount automatically during the checkout process.
Kindly let me know if you have any questions. For a quick response, you can reach our website chat support.
Thank you,

Jul 22, 2020 • Posted by Patty Eckstein

I have lost my dentures. Is it possible to get a immediate set right away

Jul 13, 2020 • Posted by Gracie

Hello Christine,
I hope this email finds you well!
We have two types of missing teeth devices as below:
1) Our Flipper is made of plastic that is durable but is breakable.You will have to take this device out of your mouth, while you eat.This can last 2-3 years depending on the care that is taken.The clasps used, to hold this device in place, are wire clasps, as shown in the picture, and are visible to others.

2) Flexible Partial Denture:- It is made of a plastic material called Valplast which is virtually unbreakable. you can eat while wearing partial dentures.
This type of Partial will last from 3-5 years depending on the care that is taken.
Kindly let me know if you have any questions. For a quick response, you can reach our website chat support.
Thank you,

Jul 13, 2020 • Posted by Christine Meyer

I have missing teeth upper and lower 20 in all and am interested in these flippers, it affects my speech as well. Would these work for me and if so what do I need to do, how much will they cost?

Sep 23, 2018 • Posted by Lauri

My mother threw her permanent dentures away by mistake. I thought something like this might help her

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