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Why Should You Buy Hawley Retainers at Custom Teeth Devices ?

Hawley Retainer is a simple dental device made of acrylic and a robust wire. It is mostly used for preventing relapse of teeth into their old position following orthodontic treatment and is also sometimes used as a corrective device for limited orthodontic correction.

If you are looking for affordable teeth devices online, you’d be glad to know that dental devices like Hawley Retainer can now be ordered online at CustomTeethDevices.com and delivered to your doorstep, eliminating the need for you to go through arduous dental appointments.

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Cost of Hawley Retainer Online

You can order Hawley Retainer online for only $257. A similar device in the dental office will cost you an average of around $650.

By taking self-impressions through our simple, guided process, and ordering your Hawley retainer online, you can save almost upto 70%.

What materials are used?

The retainer has a small palatal portion that sits on your top palate, just behind the front teeth. This portion is pink in colour and made of standard acrylic material, which looks like hard plastic.

It has an attached stainless steel wire that runs along the front teeth to set them in place. This is called the Labial bow.

The acrylic base is held in its place with the help of two clasps, called Adams’ clasps that sit on your posterior teeth—usually the first molars.

Patient compliance is a huge factor in the success of any treatment with Hawley Retainers, and they must be worn every day to hold the teeth in their new position. The device can be removed when you want to eat, floss, or brush your teeth.

Maintenance of Hawley Retainer

Hawley retainer is quite a simple device that can be easily worn or removed by the patient and you will probably not need a second device through the length of your treatment if you take care of the following few things:

  1. Thoroughly clean the appliance with toothbrush and paste, as you clean your teeth
  2. When not in use, the device must be carefully placed in the provided protective container
  3. Under no conditions should the appliance be exposed to heat because it could lead to melting of the acrylic and deformation of the device.
  4. Do not try to eat while you are wearing the device
  5. Do not try to move or adjust the wires yourself
  6. In case it breaks or chips and forms a sharp edge, do not attempt to wear it again as you may injure your oral tissues. 


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