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Sports Mouthpiece

$167.00 $400.00 saving $233.00
Sports Mouthpiece

Sports Mouthpiece

$167.00 $400.00 saving $233.00

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Sports Mouthpiece

  • A teeth impression kit is included in the price and your teeth impressions are what you will send into us to have your device made.
  • We make this same exact Sports Mouthpiece for dentists that we offer direct to the public.
  • The way we are able to charge you less is because you are taking your own teeth impressions.
  • This is a custom made to fit your teeth.
  • This is not a Boil One-Size Fits-All.

Athletes of contact sports usually purchase the boil type of sports mouthpieces at an athletic supply stores. These mouthpieces are a one size fits all and are not custom fit like the ones found at a dental office. A custom fit mouthpiece is made by taking an impression of your teeth and then forming the plastic to a plaster replica of your teeth. This process guarantees a tight fit around all of your teeth. The benefit of this tight fit is that it is safer during contact. This is why the professional athletes have their mouthpieces custom made. 

Shipping Details:

3-way Shipping Process :-

1) Teeth Impressions Kit shipment to you

2) Teeth Impressions Kit back to us (it will take the lab 10-12 business days to manufacture your teeth device(s))

3) Teeth Device(s) shipment back to you

Shipping Method :-

1) Free Shipping USPS First Class Mail

2) $14 USPS Priority Shipping- Fastest Shipping / Tracking & Updates provided